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Light bearers helping families to restore
and to keep their light shining

A strength-based, best practices approach is utilized to confront issues that hinder adolescents, marriages, and families. Clinician collaborates with clients to identify and combat behaviors with the focus of rescuing, reconcile and restore them to their full potential.


Troubled marriages and families are equipped to settle conflicts, tackle baggages and communicate better through enhanced couples' dialogue. A philosophical model is used based on the recognition that all individuals have the potential to thrive. It is hoped that through collaboration, your life will be brightened as you utilize tools to work your goals to regain your potential endowment.

The clinician will guide preteens and adolescent lives by modifying behaviors, rebuilding marriages and families by addressing dysfunctional issues, poor communication, hindering baggages and overwhelming conflicts. Treatment will also focus on hurting teens and families through individual, group and family sessions. Parents will be empowered to provide healed environments for recovering teens and parents.

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Dr. Stanley Karanja bio photo


Doctor of Counseling, LCPC

Stanley utilizes a strength-based approach to help clients to identify and confront the issues that hinder them. His background in Education and Ministry helps him work with clients. He uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies, Family Systems Therapy and other treatment models to help clients gain coping skills and abilities to manage their mental health challenges and lead full and resourceful lives.

Stanley is a sought-after and well-respected counselor and minister who endeavors to see children, adolescents, and young adults thrive to reach their full potential. He delights in establishing strong marriages, rebuilding and restoring families to perpetuate healthy communities for generations.

ADHD, Anxiety


Life Transition, 

Oppositional Defiance,

PTSD, Marital Distress, 

Grief and Loss


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